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Attitudes to Women: the Rabbis vs Jesus

The Jerusalem Talmud was written during the 5th century CE, hundreds of years after Jesus lived and ministered here in the Land of Israel...

Our Story - Testimonies

Is there really only one way to God?

In this Jewish testimonial video, Steve recounts how a simple movie about Yeshua completely changed his previous secular life, and filled him with a burning love for God.

From the Kibbutz in Israel to finding Yeshua in New Zealand!

"I realized Yitzhak Rabin is NOT the first Jewish leader we killed!"

Traumatized Jewish IDF soldier finds cure in Yeshua (Jesus)

After a grueling experience of wartime service, Abigail found herself deeply scarred. Only by finding joy in Jesus was she able to come to...

Israeli Jewish Sahar who grew up with the synagogues’ hypocrisy found...

Sahar is a JEWISH ISRAELI who grow up with a lot of religious hypocrisy in the synagogues around him, so he looked for God...

Growing up I was angry, hurt, and unloved. But I found...

Growing up I was angry, hurt, and unloved. I rejected my Jewish heritage--it was only years later I found my Jewish Messiah and found...

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