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Eitan Bar is the producer of I MET MESSIAH. Eitan is a native Jewish-Israeli who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel (1984). Graduated with his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Israel College of the Bible (Jerusalem, 2009), his M.A. in Theology from Liberty University (2013) and is now pursuing his Doctorate with Dallas Theological Seminary. Eitan currently serves as ONE FOR ISRAEL's Director of Media & Evangelism. From 2006 to 2013, Eitan worked for CRU, in which his roles included serving as Israel's VLM-SLM leader. Eitan's professional background is in "Multimedia Design and Visual Communications" working for various secular advertising agencies in Tel-Aviv.

The untold reason why Jewish people do not believe Jesus is...

Hundreds of years after the time of Jesus, a legend in the Talmud teaches that Jesus was a false Messiah, a sorcerer, who led the people of Israel astray and seduced them...

Our Story - Testimonies

Israeli Dan Sered rejects his parents’ atheism

"YES! I ADMIT IT, I'M A GEEK. I LOVE SCIENCE!" See how Dan, an Israeli from an atheist family, came to believe in God and...

A Jewish Doctor finds cure for the soul

https://youtu.be/rEA0Y9xg43s In this Jewish testimonial video, Jewish doctor, Dr. Miller, explains how the emptiness he had developed by following...

Jesus made me kosher, literally!

In this Jewish testimonial video, saleswoman Barri explains how an unlikely coincidence at work led her to accepting Yeshua as her Messiah in her cousin's deli.

Don’t bet your life on a false prophet

In this Jewish testimonial video, Mr. Gabizon describes his struggle between Judaism and Christianity, and explains how the Scriptures granted him clarity to see through the words of men.

From the Kibbutz in Israel to finding Yeshua in New Zealand!

"I realized Yitzhak Rabin is NOT the first Jewish leader we killed!"

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