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The Messiah is God

Rabbi Tovia Singer says: “Anyone who thinks that God came down to us, manifested as anything, whether as cottage cheese or as Jesus, such...

Our Story - Testimonies

Avner (Israeli Jew) meets his Messiah Jesus while bound to a...

Avner had always felt drawn to the Bible, but when he called out for help, he had a radical encounter with the main character...

Once a drug dealer, God had different plans for his life!

From selling drugs off his house boat near San Fransisco and straight in the arms of his Messiah. "You haven't felt anything till you...

What do Reagan, Billy Graham, and this Jew have in common?

In this Jewish testimonial video, Ken Barun, a former member of Ronald Regan's cabinet, past-president of the Ronald McDonald House Charity, and current Executive Vice-President of Billy Graham's Evangelistic Association, explains how Jesus can fill the emptiness within us, no matter how successful we may appear.

Andrew Klavan, went from pain and depression, to freedom in Christ!

Andrew Klavan, a distinguished Jewish novelist, transparently shares about the road that led him out of darkness into the way of truth and life. You...

The Bread of Life Cured My Eating Disorder!

Dianne grew up Jewish but knew there was more to God than what she was being presented. After several traumatic events in her life, Dianne finds true forgiveness in her Messiah.

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