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DNA Is Code: Who Coded It? (Science Uprising 03)

Is the software that runs life the result of accumulated copying errors? Or does it require a programmer? This episode of Science...

Our Story - Testimonies

Pastor Oded Shoshani (King of Kings Jerusalem) – Testimony of an...

University, synagogues , Tel Aviv , love , Jesus - the story of Jewish Israeli Oded!

I opened up my heart to see beyond prejudice

When I opened up my heart to see beyond prejudice--to see beyond artificial walls that'd been created over the centuries--I began to understand that...

“The children would beat me and call me a dirty Jew”

Vladimir grew up surrounded by Anti-Semitism, even though he was raised an atheist Jew, but little did he know that God would use his...

Jewish Son of Holocaust Survivor Finds Jesus

Ze’ev grew up in Jerusalem with a father who lost his faith during the Holocaust... but he found faith and new life in Yeshua...

“I tried to prove their Bible was wrong, but maybe it...

The spiritual journey of Jewish Israeli Pastor Eitan Kashtan

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