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Episode 14 Judgement and Mercy


Zombie Science Keeps Pushing Junk DNA Myth. Jonathan Wells

In a video conversation, Zombie Science author Jonathan Wells explains how the “Junk DNA” narrative was overturned by good science, including but...

Our Story - Testimonies

Traumatized Jewish IDF soldier finds cure in Yeshua (Jesus)

After a grueling experience of wartime service, Abigail found herself deeply scarred. Only by finding joy in Jesus was she able to come to...

Jewish Son of Holocaust Survivor Finds Jesus

Ze’ev grew up in Jerusalem with a father who lost his faith during the Holocaust... but he found faith and new life in Yeshua...

I thought Jesus was friends with Santa… A myth. I’m so...

I always felt like something was missing from Judaism. But I knew that Jesus was not for the Jews, thinking he was friends with...

I almost killed him just because he was a Christian.

Ready to kill him with a knife to his throat, I fell to my knees crying-- both our lives were saved. DAVID SCHILLER -...

The Bread of Life Cured My Eating Disorder!

Dianne grew up Jewish but knew there was more to God than what she was being presented. After several traumatic events in her life, Dianne finds true forgiveness in her Messiah.

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