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Episode 15 The way the fruit and the foundation


Can life form on evolution alone?

Random actions over millions and billions of years does not equal creation. Using observed science, what practical building block steps need...

Our Story - Testimonies

Marty Goetz: “JESUS isn’t some dead guy on a cross! He’s...

He wasn't the dead Jesus on the cross at my friends' house or at a church. He was alive! And He was more Jewish...

Jewish Son of Holocaust Survivor Finds Jesus

Ze’ev grew up in Jerusalem with a father who lost his faith during the Holocaust... but he found faith and new life in Yeshua...

Iranian Muslim chanted “death to Israel” – Now speaks life!

He was a Muslim commander in the Iranian army, full of hate for Israel, but the Jewish Messiah changed his heart to...

Pastor Oded Shoshani (King of Kings Jerusalem) – Testimony of an...

University, synagogues , Tel Aviv , love , Jesus - the story of Jewish Israeli Oded!

Jewish scientist makes the greatest Jewish discovery!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. James Tour, Jewish scientist, researcher, and inventor, discovers how Yeshua died for the forgiveness of our sins, and leads his mother to the Messiah as well.

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