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Answering the Atheist

Creation and the beautiful order in every cell and all around us shouts reason of a divine creator. This selection of articles will give a proof to the validity of the creation and the authority and reliability of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.


Is Blood Necessary for Atonement of Sins?

The motif of the blood is so strong, so central, and so important in the Pentateuch that it's impossible to separate it from the...

Our Story - Testimonies

A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband explains how his wife opened his eyes to Jesus by challenging his once narrow-minded views on Christianity.


When my Jewish parents caught me at church, I dove into Orthodox Judaism. But the more I learned, the more I realized Jesus is...

Pastor Oded Shoshani (King of Kings Jerusalem) – Testimony of an...

University, synagogues , Tel Aviv , love , Jesus - the story of Jewish Israeli Oded!

Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer who found Jesus!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer and college professor with two Doctorates, shares how Yeshua saw potential in him, and led him to pursue a life he never thought he'd live.

From the Kibbutz in Israel to finding Yeshua in New Zealand!

"I realized Yitzhak Rabin is NOT the first Jewish leader we killed!"

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