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Answering the Atheist

Creation and the beautiful order in every cell and all around us shouts reason of a divine creator. This selection of articles will give a proof to the validity of the creation and the authority and reliability of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.

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What is the Purpose of the Torah (Law)?

Rabbi Yaakov Ades writes: “The more we know about the value of the Law and of our soul, the more strength we will have...

Our Story - Testimonies

Israeli Jewish Avi released from drugs by Yeshua (Jesus)!

Avi was trapped by addictions from an early age, and ended up on the streets of Tel Aviv… until someone told him how he...

My mother destroyed my bible, But that didn’t stop my hunger...

" would take all my bibles and destroy them." But that didn't stop her hunger for truth. Finally she found answers, and ultimately her...

Jesus is Pro-Life!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Lawrence explains how his daughter's miraculous conception and life brought he and his wife closer to God in ways he could have never anticipated.

Is it an oxymoron to be Jewish & believe in Jesus?...

Isn't it an oxymoron to be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Nope.  SUSANNAH SCHWARTCZ - (I Met Messiah)

A Jew’s journey to Mexico ended up in meeting Jesus!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Ron describes how the love of God guided him from extreme drug abuse and the Hippie movement into the arms of Jesus.

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