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Answering the Atheist

Creation and the beautiful order in every cell and all around us shouts reason of a divine creator. This selection of articles will give a proof to the validity of the creation and the authority and reliability of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.

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The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin

Masterpieces of microengineering, kinesins are motorized transport machines that move cellular materials to their correct locations in the cell so they can...

Our Story - Testimonies

Israeli Jewish Avi released from drugs by Yeshua (Jesus)!

Avi was trapped by addictions from an early age, and ended up on the streets of Tel Aviv… until someone told him how he...

Once a drug dealer, God had different plans for his life!

From selling drugs off his house boat near San Fransisco and straight in the arms of his Messiah. "You haven't felt anything till you...

Searching for God thru Hinduism & Buddhism, my husband STARTLED me...

I searched for God through Hinduism and Buddhism. Then I fell in love with another Jewish guy who one day shocked me with his...

Jewish Son of Holocaust Survivor Finds Jesus

Ze’ev grew up in Jerusalem with a father who lost his faith during the Holocaust... but he found faith and new life in Yeshua...

Jewish Brooke was “taken” into heaven to meet God

Jewish Brooke was "taken"into heaven (in a dream) to meet God and the vision she saw was life changing!!

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