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Answering the Atheist

Creation and the beautiful order in every cell and all around us shouts reason of a divine creator. This selection of articles will give a proof to the validity of the creation and the authority and reliability of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.

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Inquisition, Crusades & Pogroms… In the Name of Jesus?

Crusades, pogroms, the Inquisition, blood libels, the Holocaust, the expulsion from Spain, exiles, anti-Semitic conspiracies, and other horrible deeds done to our people, apparently...

Our Story - Testimonies

“I Stopped Looking at the Problems and Became Part of the...

Sharbel grew up to hate the Jewish people as his family was one of many Arab families who lost land and houses when Israel...

“I don’t really need to prove who I am to anyone.”

"I don't really need to prove who I am to anyone. I am fully Jewish and I fully believe in Yeshua!"  VANESSA LEEF -...

Ellis Goldstien tragically lost his entire family, but found eternal hope

What hope is left when you've lost everyone? Ellis Goldstien lost his daughter to a tragic car accident and his wife to ALS, but these tragedies caused him to dig deep in to the hope he has in Yeshua.

KAMRAN JADDA – (I Met Messiah)

Iranian Jew Kamran Jadda lived with his brother after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Isolated and depressed in a new country, he finally made friends...

I needed answers and God visited me!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Valerie describes how, amidst the darkest hours of her life, God found her, and revealed to her the Messiah's love.

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