Answering the Atheist

Creation and the beautiful order in every cell and all around us shouts reason of a divine creator. This selection of articles will give a proof to the validity of the creation and the authority and reliability of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.


Are there Mistakes in the Geneology of Jesus?

One of the ways that some modern rabbis to try to contradict the Messiahship of Jesus is to claim that there are contradictions between...

Our Story - Testimonies

Once a drug dealer, God had different plans for his life!

From selling drugs off his house boat near San Fransisco and straight in the arms of his Messiah. "You haven't felt anything till you...

Grieving over 2 friends lost in the Virginia Tech shooting, Aaron...

Grieving the death of 2 friends lost in the Virginia Tech shooting, Aaron sought after the understanding of the Messiah and found ultimate peace. ...

Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer who found Jesus!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer and college professor with two Doctorates, shares how Yeshua saw potential in him, and led him to pursue a life he never thought he'd live.

He’s not a BETRAYAL of our Jewish heritage, he’s the FULFILLMENT!

I found NO lasting pleasure in the world, and always ran into Gentiles who knew my God BETTER than I...

“I tried to prove their Bible was wrong, but maybe it...

The spiritual journey of Jewish Israeli Pastor Eitan Kashtan

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