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Theological Objections

Answers to the theological objections progressively reveal how belief in Yeshua is deeply rooted in Jewish concepts and teaching.


Is God A Moral Monster?

Many skeptics criticize biblical morality, claiming that the God described in the Bible is immoral. For example, God is accused of encouraging slavery or encouraging...

Our Story - Testimonies

I was lost to a spiral of devastation. I found a...

The spiral of devastation got the best of me. Losing my identity in worldly treasures is ultimately what helped me find my identity in...

Left behind a life of heavy drugs to find TRUE life!

"The drugs that I did was really as a way for me to escape that burden of depression..." After an intense spiritual experience, he...

Jewish Israeli Psychologist discovers Jesus

The story of a Jewish Psychologist who grow up in Israel and ironically never heard anything about Jesus! His journey gives unique insight into Israel and Jesus!

“I tried to prove their Bible was wrong, but maybe it...

The spiritual journey of Jewish Israeli Pastor Eitan Kashtan

I almost killed him just because he was a Christian.

Ready to kill him with a knife to his throat, I fell to my knees crying-- both our lives were saved. DAVID SCHILLER -...

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