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Episode 8 light persected peace


Are there Mistakes in the Geneology of Jesus?

One of the ways that some modern rabbis to try to contradict the Messiahship of Jesus is to claim that there are contradictions between...

Our Story - Testimonies

My mother destroyed my bible, But that didn’t stop my hunger...

" would take all my bibles and destroy them." But that didn't stop her hunger for truth. Finally she found answers, and ultimately her...

Sharon found the answers the rabbis couldn’t give!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Sharon Gabizon shares how, through Yeshua's love, she was able to conquer her fear of death, and cast aside her doubts.

Omri Jaakobovich is an ISRAELI in search of adventure found YESHUA!

From the Kibbutz in Israel to finding Yeshua in New Zealand!  Omri JaakobovichAn (I Met Messiah)

Just before giving up on her life, Liat saw a shining...

The trauma of the Holocaust has profoundly affected generations of Jewish people - but Liat is proof that there is no trauma Yeshua cannot...

Is it an oxymoron to be Jewish & believe in Jesus?...

Isn't it an oxymoron to be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Nope.  SUSANNAH SCHWARTCZ - (I Met Messiah)

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