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Can We Make Substitutions for Blood Sacrifice?

As we know, blood sacrifice is a central theme in the Torah, when it comes to the atonement of sins. But today, in an...

Our Story - Testimonies

I almost killed him just because he was a Christian.

Ready to kill him with a knife to his throat, I fell to my knees crying-- both our lives were saved. DAVID SCHILLER -...

A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband explains how his wife opened his eyes to Jesus by challenging his once narrow-minded views on Christianity.

“I Stopped Looking at the Problems and Became Part of the...

Sharbel grew up to hate the Jewish people as his family was one of many Arab families who lost land and houses when Israel...

Yoav, A Jewish Israeli Found a Source of Life!

Yoav lived a surfer's dream, but that was nothing compared to what he found. That peace hasn't left him till this day. For more...

I needed answers and God visited me!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Valerie describes how, amidst the darkest hours of her life, God found her, and revealed to her the Messiah's love.

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