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Israeli's Met Messiah

Hear the story of Israelis who found hope peace and love in their Messiah Yeshua!

The Role of the Mediator: Who Can Stand for Us?

An air of intensity hung over the little synagogue. It was stifling as the men of the congregation stood together, solemn in prayer, deep...

Our Story - Testimonies

A Jewish Israeli Radio Broadcaster Finds Jesus!

"I achieved my dream to be a radio broadcaster, yet was empty on the inside"

From the Kibbutz in Israel to finding Yeshua in New Zealand!

"I realized Yitzhak Rabin is NOT the first Jewish leader we killed!"

He found Messiah in the pages of his US Navy Tenakh!...

He found Messiah in the pages of his US Navy Bible! "What surprised me is how Jewish the New Testament really is. It's the...

Traumatized Jewish IDF soldier finds cure in Yeshua (Jesus)

After a grueling experience of wartime service, Abigail found herself deeply scarred. Only by finding joy in Jesus was she able to come to...

Finding LIFE and LOVE in a Wisconsin Bar

From law school I decided to go on a journey of self-discovery, and while playing harmonica in a Wisconsin bar I found love! Two...

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