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Israeli's Met Messiah

Hear the story of Israelis who found hope peace and love in their Messiah Yeshua!


The Plague of Original Sin

When God created mankind, He gave them freedom. Freedom is a good thing, but if human beings are meant to be free, it is...

Our Story - Testimonies

I needed answers and God visited me!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Valerie describes how, amidst the darkest hours of her life, God found her, and revealed to her the Messiah's love.

Jewish Single Mom Finds Jesus: “I had uncovered a deep truth...

Rabbinic Judaism seemed constrictive and superstitious to Orna, but when she turned to God for answers, she was shocked by what she found!

Jewish scientist makes the greatest Jewish discovery!

In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. James Tour, Jewish scientist, researcher, and inventor, discovers how Yeshua died for the forgiveness of our sins, and leads his mother to the Messiah as well.

Is there really only one way to God?

In this Jewish testimonial video, Steve recounts how a simple movie about Yeshua completely changed his previous secular life, and filled him with a burning love for God.

Jewish Avi’s story from darkness to the light of the world

Growing up as an Ethiopian Jew, Avi suffered from racism and legalism. Just before giving up on God, he found the way, the truth,...

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