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Israeli's Met Messiah

Hear the story of Israelis who found hope peace and love in their Messiah Yeshua!

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Isn’t the Messiah Supposed to Bring World Peace?

Rabbi Tovia Singer claims: “If Jesus was the Messiah, you would have known that from reading the newspapers, because the front page would be...

Our Story - Testimonies

I thought Jesus was friends with Santa… A myth. I’m so...

I always felt like something was missing from Judaism. But I knew that Jesus was not for the Jews, thinking he was friends with...

“Dad, Where was God in the Holocaust?”

Believing in God after the Holocaust was very difficult for many Jewish people, but Meno's father taught them how to find faith even after...

There’s NO sin big enough that he can’t forgive!

I told God I'd use him "in case of emergency". When my son died, my world turned upside-down and I knew I couldn't solve...

Human trafficking lawyer needs saving

A Jewish lawyer who was saving children from human trafficking, felt powerless when her own child was in great danger. Watch as a story of pain and fear turns into a tale of hope and light.

Left behind a life of heavy drugs to find TRUE life!

"The drugs that I did was really as a way for me to escape that burden of depression..." After an intense spiritual experience, he...

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