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Psalm 22 a Prophecy about Jesus’ crucifixion

Rabbi Yosi Mizrachi claims that Jesus cannot be the Messiah, because when he was on the cross he begged God to save him, but...

Our Story - Testimonies

Jewish Brooke was “taken” into heaven to meet God

Jewish Brooke was "taken"into heaven (in a dream) to meet God and the vision she saw was life changing!!

“I don’t really need to prove who I am to anyone.”

"I don't really need to prove who I am to anyone. I am fully Jewish and I fully believe in Yeshua!"  VANESSA LEEF -...

Human trafficking lawyer needs saving

A Jewish lawyer who was saving children from human trafficking, felt powerless when her own child was in great danger. Watch as a story of pain and fear turns into a tale of hope and light.

Iranian Muslim chanted “death to Israel” – Now speaks life!

He was a Muslim commander in the Iranian army, full of hate for Israel, but the Jewish Messiah changed his heart to...

“The children would beat me and call me a dirty Jew”

Vladimir grew up surrounded by Anti-Semitism, even though he was raised an atheist Jew, but little did he know that God would use his...

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